Setting up the service discovery

As an administrator, you need to make sure to set up a machine user that is used to register the services from the clusters to SSB. The machine user information must be provided to the user.

For the auto discovery, you need to create a machine user, and assign the correct role so the machine user has access to the environment. The machine user also must be synchronized to the environment.

  1. Navigate to Management Console > User Management page.
  2. Click Actions > Create Machine User.
  3. Provide a name to the Machine User.
  4. Click Create.
    You are redirected to the User Profile page.
  5. Click Set Workload Password.
  6. Provide a Workload Password for the Machine User.
  7. Click Set Workload Password.
  8. Select Generate Access Key under Access Keys tab.
  9. Click Generate Access Key.
    The Generate Access Key window pops up to indicate that the access key generation was successful.
  10. Take note of the Access Key ID and Private Key.
  11. Click Download Credentials File.
  12. Click Close.
  13. Navigate to Management Console > Environments and select your environment.
  14. Click Actions > Manage Access.
  15. Search for the Machine User you have created.
  16. Select EnvironmentAdmin role from the list of Resource Roles.
  17. Click Update Roles.
    The Resource Role for the selected user or group will be updated.
  18. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where you want to create a cluster.
  19. Click Actions > Synchronize Users to FreeIPA.
  20. Click Synchronize Users.
After setting up the auto discovery feature, you need to access the Streaming SQL Console and import the data sources or catalogs from the clusters in your environment.