Creating your cluster

If you meet all prerequisites, you are ready to create a managed and secured Edge Flow Management cluster in CDP Public Cloud by using the prescriptive cluster definition available in Technical Preview.

  1. Log into the CDP web interface.
  2. Navigate to Management Console > Environments and select the environment where you want to create a cluster.
  3. Click Create Data Hub.

    The Provision Data Hub page is displayed:

  4. Select Cluster Definition.
  5. Select the appropriate Edge Flow Management cluster definition from the Cluster Definition dropdown depending on which cloud privider you are using.
    There are three template options available:
    • Edge Flow Management Light Duty for AWS
    • Edge Flow Management Light Duty for Azure
    • Edge Flow Management Light Duty for GCP

    The cluster template referenced in the selected cluster definition determines which services are included in the cluster. The list of services is automatically displayed below the selected cluster definition name. It shows that the cluster definition contains the Edge Flow Manager.

  6. Provide a cluster name and add tags you might need.
    You can define tags that will be applied to your cluster-related resources on your cloud provider account. For more information, see Tags.
  7. Optional: Use the Configure Advanced Options section to customize the infrastructure settings.

    For more information on these options, see the Advanced cluster options for your cloud environment.

  8. Click Provision Cluster.

The new Data Hub cluster appears on the Data Hubs tab of the Clusters page. You can follow the status of the provisioning process in the Status column. When your cluster is ready, its status changes to Running.