Components supported by partners

This release is based on Apache NiFi 1.25 and 2.0 and includes a set of components built, maintained and supported by Cloudera partners. You should reach out directly to these partners in case you need assistance.

These components are not officially supported by Cloudera Support even though Cloudera Quality Engineering teams added test coverage for these components.

NiFi 1.25 processors supported by partners
  • ConsumePulsar (1.18.0)
  • ConsumePulsarRecord (1.18.0)
  • PublishPulsar (1.18.0)
  • PublishPulsarRecord (1.18.0)
NiFi 1.25 controller services supported by partners
  • PulsarClientAthenzAuthenticationService (1.18.0)
  • PulsarClientJwtAuthenticationService (1.18.0)
  • PulsarClientOauthAuthenticationService (1.18.0)
  • PulsarClientTlsAuthenticationService (1.18.0)
  • StandardPulsarClientService (1.18.0)

These components can be used to push data into Apache Pulsar as well as getting data out of it. In case you have issues or questions while using these components, Cloudera recommends you to reach out to your StreamNative representative team.