Choosing data sources

The data sources are available for visualization as soon as a job sampling is in progress or a Materialized View endpoint is created. In both cases, the data is shown in the widgets when the corresponding SQL jobs are in running state.

Samples as data source

When using sampling as a data source, you must have a running job on Streaming SQL Console, which produces sampling data as the job runs. You can change the default sampling behavior at the Job Settings that affects the frequency, count and the sample window size of the sampled messages.

Materialized View as data source

When using Materialized View as a data source, you must have a running job with a Materialized View query. The Materialized View endpoint is called in a period of time according to the update interval and query limit configured for the widget.
Update interval
The update interval is the time the widgets waits to call from the endpoint.
Query limit
The query limit sets the maximum amount of records to be returned for each call
If the update interval is set to Default, the update interval can be specified on the Dashboard after the widget is created. The time selected on the Dashboard will be applied to every widget that has Default configured for update interval.