Installing SMM in CDP Public Cloud

Learn how Streams Messaging Manager is installed and set up in CDP Public Cloud with the Streams Messaging cluster templates.

In CDP Public Cloud, SMM is automatically installed on clusters that you deploy with the Streams Messaging Light Duty, Heavy Duty, and High Availability templates available in the Data Hub service. A single instance of the SMM service (Rest Admin Server and UI Server roles) is installed with each of the templates.

In the Light and High Availability templates, SMM is installed in the Master Nodes host group, while in Heavy Duty, SMM is installed in the SMM Nodes host group. For more information regarding the Streams Messaging cluster templates and cluster deployment with Data Hub, see the Related Information section below.

Integration with other services

SMM is capable of integrating with other services. Enabling integration enables additional features and functions on the SMM UI.

In CDP Public Cloud, integration with other, eligible Streams Messaging services is set up and configured automatically when you deploy the cluster using one of the Streams Messaging templates. For example, if your Streams Messaging Data Hub cluster includes Kafka Connect, SMM is automatically configured to integrate with the Kafka Connect instances running on the cluster. The Connect section of the SMM UI will be available by default, enabling you to manage and monitor Kafka Connect using SMM.

For Cruise Control, even though the integration with SMM is automatic, users must have at least Viewer level authorization in Cruise Control. Otherwise, the Cruise Control UI will not be visible in SMM. For more information, see Authorizing users to access Cruise Control in SMM.