Data Access

Cloudera Data Platform Runtime data access concepts provide overview information about Apache Impala, Apache Hive, Data Analytics Studio, and Hue. Using the familiar SQL interfaces of these components, you access your data.

Apache Hive

Apache Hive Metastore Overview

Describes the HMS service that stores metadata for a number of services, including Hive, Spark, and Impala.

Apache Hive Overview

Presents key features of Hive and Hive 3 architecture, unsupported interfaces, and installing Hive on Tez.

Apache Phoenix

Apache Phoenix Overview

Provides an overview and describes the key functions of Apache Phoenix.

Apache Impala

Apache Impala Overview

Provides an overview and describes the key components of Apache Impala.


Hue Overview

Introduces Hue, which is a query editor that can be used to submit and analyze SQL queries and design Oozie workflows.


Cloudera Search Overview

Provides an overview of Cloudera Search, based on Apache Solr.