Monitoring lineage information

Learn how you can visualize the lineage between producers and consumers.

To check which topics a producer is producing to, and which consumers consume from those topics, go to the Overview page and click on a single producer on the Producer pane. For example, click producer_1, as shown in the following image:

After you click producer_1, you can see that it produces to a topic called a_topic, and that both consumer groups (group_1 and group_2) consume from that topic.

This works the other way round as well. If you click on a single consumer group, you see what topics it consumes from and which producers produce to those topics. For example, click group_1, as shown in the following image:

After you click group_1 consumer group, you can see that it consumes from the topic called a_topic, and that two producers produce to that topic (producer_1 and producer_2).

If you are interested in a more detailed view and want to check the lineage information for a single partition, you can do that as well, however, it is important to note that the lineage information is provided exclusively for the last 30 minutes. For example, click P3, as shown in the following image:

After you click P3 partition in the topic called a_topic, you can see that producer_1 and producer_2 produce to that partition, and group_1 and group_2 consume from it.

If you click the All Partitions button, you are shown the lineage information for every partition in a single topic.

You can also access the lineage information from the experimental endpoints. You can find the endpoints at the Streams Messaging Manager REST API Reference.