Fixed Issues in Atlas

Review the list of Apache Atlas issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

CDPD-65258: Iceberg table does not show lineage in Spark for dataframe
Added Dataframe / AtomicReplaceTableAsSelectExec to Spark Atlas Connector for Spark3 which is required for Iceberg.
CDPD-56587: Lineage (spark_process) is not created for INSERT OVERWRITE / INSERT INTO SELECT Iceberg tables
Added CTAS Iceberg support to Spark Atlas Connector for Spark3.
CDPD-65199: Post upgrade (both Data Lake and Data Hub) to swap OS and dl shape together from Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15 to 7.2.18, one of the Atlas server throws "Could not retrieve active server address as it is null"
Fixed the way ZNode creation is done. Added a check to see if the Znode is created from the same session or not.
CDPD-65087: Iceberg table entities not getting reflected in Atlas after upgrade from Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17 to 7.2.18
After upgrading from 7.2.17 to 7.2.18 for the Iceberg type entitites, all details were not visible on the entity details page due to changes in the type definition of Iceberg table and column. This patch resolves the issue.
CDPD-64125: Atlas server side Ignore and Prune patterns does not function as expected
Fixed the bug where ignore and prune pattern was not working on Atlas server side.
CDPD-61587: Stored cross-site scripting on "Description" field under classification
Sanitized the value of the description field against XSS script passed through UI and Curl command before rendering on the UI.
CDPD-57862: Atlas - Upgrade grpc to 1.53.0+ due to CVE-2023-32732 and CVE-2023-1428
Upgrade grpc to 1.53.0+ due to CVE-2023-32732 and CVE-2023-1428.
CDPD-58592: [CKP4 (same value)] Atlas not null filter on classification returns null values
Cause: It is because of Solr version upgrade, untill 8.4.1, Solr supported non empty string. Fix: For IndexQuery : ["" TO *] works to get nonEmpty field entities. For Inmemory Predicates: Used NonEmptyPredicate.
CDPD-58492: Atlas - Upgrade Netty Project to 4.1.94. Final due CVE-2023-34462
Upgrade Netty Project to 4.1.94.Final from 4.1.86.Final.
CDPD-57453: Atlas Error while writing audits to GCP Data Lake
Removed the lib which was causing the conflict.
CDPD-57433: Atlas - Upgrade gremlin shaded to 3.5.5+ due to jackson-databind CVEs
Upgrade gremlin shaded to 3.5.5 from 3.5.4.
CDPD-55876: Atlas - Upgrade Spring Security to 5.7.8+/5.8.3+/6.0.3+ due to CVE-2023-20862
Upgrade Spring Security to 5.8.3 to 5.7.5.
CDPD-55858: [Atlas] Relationship search isNull/notNull case does not consider null strings
It is fixed by CDPD-58592.
CDPD-55769: Atlas - Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.27/6.0.8 due to CVE-2023-20861, CVE-2023-20860 and CVE-2023-20863
Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.26/6.0.7 due to CVE-2023-20861.
CDPD-55617: Atlas - Upgrade Nimbus-JOSE-JWT to 9.24 due to CVEs coming from json-smart
Upgrade Nimbus-JOSE-JWT to 9.24 from 9.8.1.
CDPD-55440: Atlas - Upgrade snakeyaml to 2.0 due to CVE-2022-1471
Upgrade snakeyaml to 2.0 from 1.33.
CDPD-55252: Atlas - Upgrade jackson-databind to due to CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2022-42004
Upgrade jackson-databind to
CDPD-54846: Atlas: CVE-2023-24998-upgrade commons-fileupload library to version 1.5
Upgrade commons-fileupload library to version 1.5 from 1.3.3.
CDPD-54645: Ranger tag sync for Iceberg table type
Added Iceberg support for Ranger Tagsync.
CDPD-54391: Zookeeper SSL/TLS support for Ranger
Ranger Admin, Tagsync, Usersync, RAZ, and RMS supports SSL/TLS secure connection with Zookeeper.
CDPD-50914: Atlas - Upgrade reactor-netty to 1.0.24+ due to CVE-2022-31684
Upgrade reactor-netty to 1.0.24+ due to CVE-2022-31684.
CDPD-50913: Atlas - Upgrade azure-storage libraries due to CVE-2022-30187
Azure Storage Library Information Disclosure Vulnerability.
CDPD-50416: UI: Setting '' to certain value creates incorrect date entries
Correct date format is displayed after setting the default date format through application properties file.
CDPD-54964: ICEBERG External Table via impala-shell appears as hive_table, instead of iceberg_table
Instead of appearing as iceberg_table, the entity appears as hive_table. Although the table parameters has ICEBERG data.
CDPD-47524: [PbC] Sync Atlas code with Apache
Atlas code base needs to be constantly in sync with Apache.
CDPD-45073: Implement aging for audits stored by Atlas.
Feature to reduce Atlas audit storage by aging out audit data, using different criteria like TTL and audit count.

Apache patch information

  • ATLAS-4805
  • ATLAS-4768
  • ATLAS-4762
  • ATLAS-4750
  • ATLAS-4732