Authorizing users to access Cruise Control in SMM

Learn how to authorize users to access the Cruise Control UI in Streams Messaging Manager (SMM). This is required to enable users access the UI or manage rebalancing. You can set access by assigning users the required authorization levels.

The integration between SMM and Cruise Control is automatic. The Cruise Control User Interface (UI) can be accessed through an SMM instance running on the same cluster as Cruise Control. In environments where security is disabled, anyone will be able to access Cruise Control in SMM. In secured environments, users need to be added to the authorization level groups before they can see the Cruise Control UI. The group a user belongs to determines what they are allowed to do in the UI.

  1. Select the Cruise Control service in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Search for auth_admins, auth_users or auth_viewers based on which authorization level is needed.
  4. Assign users to the required authorization level.
    Based on the authorization level, users have the following access to Cruise Control in SMM:
    • Viewer level users: can only view the metrics
    • User level users: includes Viewer level permissions and manage goals, estimations
    • Admin level users: includes Viewer and User level permissions, starting and stopping rebalance
  5. Click Save changes.
Cruise Control is visible in SMM. Users can access the Cruise Control UI using the on the navigation sidebar.