Set up SSD storage using Cloudera Manager

You can use Cloudera Manager to set up SSD storage for your data directories.

  1. Set up your cluster normally, but customize your DataNodes with the [ssd] prefix for data directories.
    Adding [ssd] can also be done after initial setup (which requires an extra HDFS restart).
  2. Stop HBase.
  3. Using the HDFS client, move /hbase to /hbase_backup.
  4. Re-create /hbase using the Cloudera Manager command in the HBase service (this ensures that proper permissions are used).
  5. Using the HDFS client, set the storage policy for /hbase to be SSD only.
  6. Use the DistCp to copy /hbase_backup to /hbase.
    hadoop distcp /hbase_backup /hbase
  7. Start HBase.