Fixed Issues in HBase

Review the list of HBase issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

CDPD-58799: Hbase_mcc - Upgrade Scala to 2.12.5+/2.13.9+ due to CVE-2017-15288
The scala version depends on the spark-scala version.
CDPD-54370: Implement calling LeaseRecovery in HBase client
Use LeaseRecoverable and SafeMode introduced in hadoop-common. This is similar to HBASE-27769 as part of the Cloudera HBase release.
CDPD-47423: HBase - Support for JDK17 in all sub-components
JDK 17 support has been added
HBASE-28189: HBase supports accurate hit ratio report on Cloudera Manager
When you use Cloudera Operational Database (COD) over S3 with ephemeral cache, the HBase block cache uses CombinedBlockCache for implementation along with a LruBlockCache instance for the metadata blocks, and a BucketCache using the ioengine file on the nveme SSD disk for the data blocks. An important metric to measure the efficiency of the cache is the hit ratio, which reports the frequency that the client reads have hit the cache to fetch its required data, rather than going to S3, which is much slower. Cloudera Manager provides hit ratio metrics-based charts, however the chart was inaccurate because the calculation of hit ratio metrics in the HBase code while using the CombinedBlockCache implementation was inaccurate.
This issue is now fixed. The following example of a Cloudera Manager chart shows an optimal ephemeral cache with close to 100% hit ratio across all RegionServers.

Apache Patch Information

  • HBASE-27820
  • HBASE-26038