Fixed Issues in Apache Knox

Review the list of Knox issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

CDPD-63593: Graviton Support for Knox-Gateway
Added support for multi-arch builds
CDPD-62767: KnoxShell fails with Unsupported class file major version 61 error
Fixed an issue where on JDK 17 KnoxShell fails with error Unsupported class file major version 61 error.
CDPD-62057: DefaultDispatch doesn't forward inbound request headers in case of requestType=OPTIONS
Inbound request headers are forwarded with OPTIONS type HTTP requests.
CDPD-60911: Knox Readiness Awareness and Notification
Improved Knox readiness check
CDPD-54722: Accessing service via cdp-proxy-api failed with 404 with logs having SAXParseException
Fixed a race condition in the XML parser of Knox
CDPD-50773: Need a provision for deleting the custom topology/provider/descriptor
"remove" keyword can be used to remove custom descriptors and shared providers.
CDPD-49173: Knox - Support for JDK17 in all sub-components
Knox support for JDK 17
CDPD-48928: Rebase Knox to Apache 2.0.0
Knox in CDP was rebased on top of Apache Knox 2.0.0.

Apache patch information

  • KNOX-2989
  • KNOX-2960
  • KNOX-2955
  • KNOX-2923
  • KNOX-2905
  • KNOX-2899