What's New in Cloud Connectors

Learn about the new features of Cloud Connectors in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

Support for Amazon S3 Express One Zone Storage

Support for Amazon S3 Express One Zone is added. The Amazon S3 Express One Zone is a single-Availability Zone and high-performance storage class that delivers consistent single-digit millisecond data access. A specific Availability Zone can be selected within an AWS Region to store your data. This enables you to have your storage and compute resources in the same Availability Zone to optimize performance, lower compute costs and run workloads faster.

Vectored IO support

Support for Hadoop Vectored IO API is added for ORC and Parquet file formats. The S3A connector offers a customized implementation that enables parallel and asynchronous reading of different data blocks.

Migration to AWS V2 SDK

AWS V2 Java SDK is used for communicating with AWS services, which includes storage through the S3A connector.