Reuse the subnets created for CDP

To configure and edge node on AWS for your Cloudera Operational Database (COD), you have to configure network line-of-sight. One way to configure network line-of-slight is to reuse the subnets that were created for CDP.

As a part of the initial CDP setup, you have already created subnet(s) or CDP has automatically created this for you. You can use the standard EC2 service in the AWS Console or AWS CLI to launch an EC2 node in one of these subnets. You can choose a Linux distribution, the EBS or instance storage, and the instance type of your choice. Ensure that you allocate enough resources for the edge node based on your use case and requirements.
  1. Create an EC2 node using the AWS console. For example, Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type.
  2. Select an instance type. For example: t3.xlarge
  3. Click Select Instance Details..
    1. Select your CDP VPC.
    2. Select a subnet from the VPC.
      If you have created both public and private subnets, choose the public subnet.
    3. Click Auto-assign Public IP to be true.
  4. Click Next: Add Storage.
    Optionally you can increase the EBS volume size depending on your requirements.
  5. Click Next, and then Add Tags as required by your IT policies.
  6. Click Next: Configure Security Group.
    Add a rule for Inbound SSH on port 22 in one of the following ways:
    1. Choose from My UP to allow SSH from your computer.
    2. Provide an appropriate range for your corporate network.
  7. Click Review and Launch, and then click Launch.
  8. Specify the SSH key pair.
  9. Open a terminal on your computer, and SSH to the instances as the ec2-user using the Public DNS (IPv4) address after the instance launches.
Validate that you have a networking line-of-sight correctly configured.