What's new in Apache Iceberg

Learn about the new features of Iceberg in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

General availability of Iceberg and Atlas integration

Iceberg in Apache Atlas helps you identify the Iceberg tables to scan data and provide lineage support. Learn how Atlas works with Iceberg and what schema evolution, partition specification, partition evolution are with examples.

Hive to Iceberg table migration from Impala

In this release, you can use Impala, as well as Hive, to migrate a Hive table to Iceberg tables. You use the ALTER TABLE statement. Syntax is described in Migrate Hive table to Iceberg feature and a step-by-step procedure is covered in Migrating a Hive table to Iceberg.

Iceberg position delete feature support

In this release, Impala, in addition to Hive, can delete Iceberg V2 tables using position delete files, a format defined by the Iceberg Spec. A position delete query evaluates rows from one table against a WHERE clause, and delete all the rows that match WHERE conditions.