What's New in Hue

Learn about the new features of Hue in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

Hue supports natural language query processing (Preview)

Hue leverages the power of Large Language Models (LLM) to help you generate SQL queries from natural language prompts and also provides options to optimize, explain, and fix queries, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in data retrieval and manipulation. You can use several AI services and models such as OpenAI’s GPT service, Amazon Bedrock, and Azure’s OpenAI service to run the Hue SQL AI assistant. See SQL AI Assistant in Cloudera DataHub.

Ability to access GS buckets from Hue with RAZ

For better security and ease of use for users, you can create per-user home directories within your Google Cloud Storage bucket (GS) and grant fine-grained access to these user directories from the GS File Browser in Hue. To enable fine-grained access from the Hue GS File Browser, you must enable Ranger Authorization Service (RAZ) when registering your GCP environment with CDP. For more information, see Using Google Cloud Storage with Hue in Cloudera DataHub.

Hue supports Hive Hybrid Procedural SQL

You can run Hive Hybrid Procedural SQL (HPL/SQL) using the Hue query editor. To enable the HPL/SQL interpreter, see Enabling stored procedures for Hive in DataHub. To run stored procedures from Hue, see How to run a stored procedure from Hue.

Ability to control caching behavior of the web page

You can enable web page caching to ensure that your browser fetches the latest resources while you are exploring data using Hue. Hue uses Cache-Control, Pragma, and Expires HTTP headers. To enable cache control, see Enabling cache-control HTTP headers when using Hue.

Ability to create tables by importing files using Hue Importer

You can create Hive, Impala, and Iceberg tables by importing CSV or XLSX files in Hue using Hue Importer. Using Importer you can either upload files up to 200 KB from your local computer and then create tables or browse S3, ADLS Gen2 storage, or Google Cloud Storage buckets and import the files into Hue. For more information, see Creating tables in Hue by importing files.


Hue with RAZ supports High Availability on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
You can now specify a comma-separated list of URLs in the api_url property while enabling S3, ABFS, or GS File Browser for Hue with RAZ in DataHub. For example:
Ability to open Oozie tasks and workflows in a new tab using the middle mouse button (scroll wheel)
The functionality to open Oozie-related links in a new tab by clicking the link with the middle button has been restored. You can also press Ctrl (Windows) or Command (MacOS) and click the link to open Oozie tasks in a new tab.
Security improvements
  • Cloudera has fixed several CVEs and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in Hue.
  • Knox and Hue Load Balancer hostnames are automatically added to trusted_origin and knox_proxyhost configuration properties.
  • SAML certificates can be created using passphrases.
  • SAML sign-in algorithm has been updated from SHA1 to SHA256.
  • The cryptography Python module has been upgraded from cryptography==36.0.1 to cryptography==41.0.1.