Running a Hive command in Data Hub

You can run most Hive commands that push configuration variables to Hive SQL scripts from the command line of a node in your cluster. You use a keyword and options to launch these commands in Beeline.

Hive supports running Hive commands from the command line. The command you enter launches Beeline in the background. The -e flag followed by a Hive set command lists system variables.

On the command line of a node in your CDP cluster, enter the hive command to send configuration properties to standard output.
> hive -e set
Supported commands appear. All obsolete Hive CLI commands are supported by Beeline except set key=value commands that configure Hive Metastore.
The output includes the system variable settings:
|                            set                                 |
| _hive.hdfs.session.path=/tmp/hive/hive/91ecb...00a             |
| _hive.local.session.path=/tmp/hive/91ecb...00a                 |                                 |