Managing Hue permissions

Permissions for Hue applications are granted to groups, with users gaining permissions based on their group membership. Group permissions define the Hue applications visible to group members when they log in to Hue and the application features available to them. There is a fixed set of Hue permissions. You cannot add or modify permissions. However, you can apply permission to group(s).

  1. Sign in to the Hue UI as a superuser.
  2. From the User Admin page, go to the Permissions tab.
    The Permissions page displays the list of all the available permissions.
  3. Click a permission that you want to assign to a group(s).
    The Edit [permission name] page is displayed.
  4. Select the group(s) on which you want to apply the permission and click Update permission.
    The “Permission information updated successfully” message is displayed.