Deprecation Notices In Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18

Certain features and functionalities have been removed or deprecated in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18. You must review these items to understand whether you must modify your existing configuration. You can also learn about the features that will be removed or deprecated in the future release to plan for the required changes.


Items in this section are designated as follows:


Technology that Cloudera is removing in a future CDP release. Marking an item as deprecated gives you time to plan for removal in a future CDP release.


Technology that Cloudera is moving from a future CDP release and is making available through an alternative Cloudera offering or subscription. Marking an item as moving gives you time to plan for removal in a future CDP release and plan for the alternative Cloudera offering or subscription for the technology.


Technology that Cloudera has removed from CDP and is no longer available or supported as of this release. Take note of technology marked as removed since it can potentially affect your upgrade plans.

Removed Components and Product Capabilities
No components are deprecated or removed in this Cloudera Runtime release.

Please contact Cloudera Support or your Cloudera Account Team if you have any questions.