Using JMX for accessing HBase metrics

You can access HBase metrics over Java Management Extensions (JMX) through either the HBase web interface or by directly accessing the JMX remote agent.

You can access JMX metrics through the HBase web interface.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the HBase service.
  2. Click the HBase Web UI tab.
    The HBase portal is launched in a separate window.
  3. Click Metrics > JMX to view the HBase metrics using JMX.
    Alternatively, use the following command format to access the JMX remote agent.
    curl -i http://<localhost>:<port>/jmx

    You can use the qry parameter to fetch only a particular key.

    curl -i http://<localhost>:<port>/jmx?qry=Hadoop:service=NameNode,name=NameNodeInfo
    1. Click Metrics > JMX with description to view the HBase metrics along with the descriptions for the items.
      Alternatively, use the following command to access the HBase metrics with descriptions.
      curl -i http://<localhost>:<port>/jmx?description=true
The HBase metrics are displayed in the JMX format.