What's New in Schema Registry

Learn about the new features of Schema Registry in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

AvroConverter support for KConnect logical types

AvroConverter now converts between Connect and Avro temporal and decimal types.

Support for alternative jersey connectors in SchemaRegistryClient

connector.provider.class can be configured in Schema Registry Client. If it is configured, schema.registry.client.retry.policy should also be configured to be different than default.

This also fixes the issue with some third party load balancers where the client is expected to follow redirects and authenticate while doing that.

Upgraded Avro version to 1.11.1

Avro got upgraded from version 1.9.1 to 1.11.1.

New fingerprint version is added to Schema Registry with configuring option

A new fingerprint version, V2 is available in Schema Registry that contains the missing schema parts from the previous version. Newly created 7.2.18 clusters use the V2 fingerprint version. Upgraded clusters still use the V1 fingerprint version, but the schema.registry.fingerprint.version property can be used to change the fingerprint version in Schema Registry. Cloudera recommends to change the fingerprint version to V2 after upgrading to 7.2.18.

Support for additional JVM options

Additional JVM options can be passed to Schema Registry using the schema.registry.additional.java.options property in Cloudera Manager.