Evolving a schema

Learn how to save each version of your schema as you make changes to it.

You evolve a schema when you create a new version. Schema Registry tracks the changes made to your schema, and stores each set of changes in a separate version of the schema. When multiple versions exist, you can select which version you want to use. Ensure that you understand compatibility policies, as they determine how you can evolve your schemas.
  • You have selected the Evolve checkbox when initially adding the schema.
  • You have saved the schema you want to evolve in a file.
  1. From the Schema Registry UI, identify the schema that you want to version.
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the Edit Version dialog.

    The Edit Version dialog appears.

  3. Add a description of what has changed in this new version of the schema.
    You can view the description in the Schema Registry UI to easily understand what has changed in each version of the schema. Cloudera recommends that you add as much detail as you can.
  4. Optional. Select the Disable Canonical Check checkbox if the schema version should be added despite being canonically similar to an existing schema version.
    The canonical check checkbox only applies to versions of schemas and not to a new schema.
  5. Click Choose File to upload the schema you want to evolve.
  6. Click OK.