Viewing Kafka cluster replication details

You can view and monitor your Streams Replication Manager (SRM) replications in the Cluster Replications section of the Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) UI. Learn more about what information you can view on the UI regarding replications.

You can view the status of the replications, source cluster names, target cluster names, number of topics to be replicated, number of consumer groups, throughput of the replication, replication latency, and checkpoint latency. SMM also displays two graphs, one represents the throughput of the replication and the other displays the replication latency of the replication along with the details of each topic to be replicated.

Perform the following steps to view the details of a cluster replication:

In the Cluster Replications page, click a cluster replication or the drop-down icon beside a replication, as shown in the following image:

The replication details appear as shown in the following image: