Configuring the client configuration used for rolling restart checks

Cloudera Manager requires Kafka client configuration files to perform rolling restart checks. These files are generated automatically. However, if your Kafka service has custom listeners configured, you must manually update these client configuration files. Otherwise, the rolling restart check might fail.

When Cloudera Manager executes a rolling restart check, it uses the kafka-topics tool to gather information about the brokers, topics, and partitions. The kafka-topics tool requires a valid client configuration file to run. Cloudera Manager automatically generates two configuration files for this purpose. One is used for the kafka-topics commands initiated before the brokers are stopped, the other, after brokers are restarted.

If your Kafka service is configured to use custom listeners, you must manually update the configuration files generated by Cloudera Manager. This is required because Cloudera Manager might not be able to automatically extract the information required to establish a connection with the Kafka service when custom listeners are configured. The client configuration files can be updated using advanced security snippets.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the Kafka service.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Manually update the client configuration files used during rolling restart checks.
    This can be done by adding a valid client configuration to the following advanced configuration snippets:
    • Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for
    • Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for

    Ensure that you add the same client configuration to both snippets. The client configuration you add must contain all properties that are required to establish a connection with the brokers. The client configuration you add here is similar to any other client configuration you create for Kafka command line tools. However, this specific configuration accepts the bootstrap.servers property. Use this property to specify your custom host:port pairs that you use as your custom listeners.

    The following client configuration example is for a Kafka service that has both TLS/SSL and Kerberos enabled. You can use this example as a template and make changes as needed. For more client configuration examples, see the Securing Apache Kafka publication in the Streams Messaging documentation.
    sasl.mechanism=GSSAPI required useKeyTab=true storeKey=true keyTab="[***PATH TO KEYTAB***]" principal="[***KERBEROS PRINCIPAL***]";
    ssl.keystore.location=[***PATH TO KEYSTORE.JKS***]
    ssl.truststore.location=[***PATH TO TRUSTSTORE.JKS***]
  4. Click Save Changes.
The client configuration files used by Cloudera Manager during rolling restart checks are configured.

Enable and configure rolling restart checks. Complete Configuring rolling restart checks.