Add HDFS system mount

After installing hadoop-hdfs-fuse and configuring the test mount, you can add a persistent HDFS system mount.

  1. Open /etc/fstab and append information about the hostname, the NameNode port, and the mount point in the specified format.
    The format is as follows:
    hadoop-fuse-dfs#dfs://<name_node_hostname>:<namenode_port> <mount_point> fuse allow_other,usetrash,rw 2 0

    For example:

    hadoop-fuse-dfs#dfs://localhost:8020 /mnt/hdfs fuse allow_other,usetrash,rw 2 0
  2. Test to make sure the mount point is working properly
    mount <mount_point>
Your system is now configured to allow you to use the ls command and use that mount point as if it were a normal system disk.
For more information, see the help for hadoop-fuse-dfs:
hadoop-fuse-dfs --help