Disable RegionServer grouping

When you no longer require rsgroups, you can disable it for your cluster.

Removing RegionServer Grouping for a cluster on which it was enabled involves more steps in addition to removing the relevant properties from hbase-site.xml. You must ensure that you clean the RegionServer grouping-related metadata so that if the feature is re-enabled in the future, the old metadata will not affect the functioning of the cluster.

To disable RegionServer Grouping:

  1. Move all the tables in non-default rsgroups to default RegionServer group.
    #Reassigning table t1 from the non-default group - hbase shell
    hbase> move_tables_rsgroup 'default',['t1']
  2. Move all RegionServers in non-default rsgroups to default regionserver group.
    #Reassigning all the servers in the non-default rsgroup to default - hbase shell
    hbase> move_servers_rsgroup 'default',['regionserver1:port','regionserver2:port','regionserver3:port']
  3. Remove all non-default rsgroups. default rsgroup created implicitly does not have to be removed.
    #removing non-default rsgroup - hbase shell
    hbase> remove_rsgroup 'mygroup'
  4. Remove the changes made in hbase-site.xml and restart the cluster.
  5. Drop the table hbase:rsgroup from HBase.
    #Through hbase shell drop table hbase:rsgroup
    hbase> disable 'hbase:rsgroup'
    0 row(s) in 2.6270 seconds
    hbase> drop 'hbase:rsgroup'
    0 row(s) in 1.2730 seconds
  6. Remove the znode rsgroup from the cluster ZooKeeper using zkCli.sh.
    #From ZK remove the node /hbase/rsgroup through zkCli.sh
    rmr /hbase/rsgroup