Operational Database

Apache HBase is a NoSQL database that provides real-time read/write access to large datasets. Apache Phoenix provides a SQL interface for managing data in Apache HBase.


Provides information about the operational database cluster shape, and instructions to create an operational database. Provides instructions to start, stop your HBase cluster.

Configuring Apache HBase

Provides information to configure HBase to use it as your operational data store.

Managing Apache HBase Security

Provides information about HBase security, authentication, authorization, and configuring TLS/SSL for HBase.

Accessing Apache HBase

Provides information about different ways to access HBase.

Managing Apache HBase

Provides information about how to import data into, write data to, and read data from HBase.

Configuring Apache HBase High Availability

Provides information about configuring HBase high availability for applications require low-latency queries.

Using Apache HBase Backup and Disaster Recovery

Provides information about configuring HBase snapshots, and using HBase replication.

Configuring Apache HBase for Apache Phoenix

Provides information about configuring HBase for use with Phoenix.

Using Apache Phoenix to Store and Access Data

Provides information about storing and accessing data on HBase using Phoenix.

Managing Apache Phoenix Security

Provides information about authorization and access control capabilities when using Phoenix to access data in HBase.