Adding and configuring record-enabled Processors

To streamline your dataflows and improve overall performance, you can use record-enabled RecordReader and RecordWriter Processors.

Record-enabled Processors allow you to convert data between formats by specifying Controller Services for record reading and record writing. To add and configure record-enabled Processors, perform the following tasks:
  1. From the NiFi UI, drag the Processor icon onto your canvas to display the Add Processor dialog.
  2. Use the Filter box to find the processor you want to add. Available record-enabled processors are:
    • ConsumeKafkaRecord_0_10
    • ConvertRecord
    • PublishKafkaRecord_0_10
    • PutDatabaseRecord
    • QueryRecord
    • SplitRecord
  3. Select the processor you want, and click Add.
  4. Right-click the processor on the canvas, and select Configure to display the Configure Processor dialog.
  5. Click the Properties tab and select a Controller Service value for the Record Reader and Record Writer values.
  6. Click OK, and then Apply.