AWS S3 Base

S3 entities that represent S3 buckets and objects inherit attributes from the S3 base entity type. Atlas does not generate entities of this type; it is used only as a supertype for other entity definitions.

Identifier Description
typeName AWS_S3_V2_BASE
name Inherited from Asset supertype.
description Inherited from Asset supertype.
owner Inherited from Asset supertype.
ownerType Inherited from Asset supertype.
qualifiedName Fully qualified name for each entity at Atlas which is used to create lineage. See the child entity types for details on how the qualified name is generated.
region AWS S3 region as reported by S3.
ownerName Owner as reported by S3.
ownerID Owner ID as reported by S3.
eTag A hash of an object as reported by S3. This value is updated when a new version of an object is added to a bucket.
encryption Encryption algorithm as reported by S3.
awsTags Object tags defined in S3. Atlas stores S3 tags as an array of key-value pairs.