An Apache Zeppelin notebook is a browser-based GUI you can use for interactive data exploration, modeling, and visualization.

As an Apache Zeppelin notebook author or collaborator, you write code in a browser window. When you run the code from the browser, Zeppelin sends the code to backend processors such as Spark. The processor or service and returns results; you can then use Zeppelin to review and visualize results in the browser.

Apache Zeppelin is supported on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer, latest supported releases. (Zeppelin is not supported on versions 8 or 9, due to lack of built-in support for WebSockets.)

  • Google Chrome, latest stable release.

  • Mozilla Firefox, latest stable release.

  • Apple Safari, latest stable release. Note that when SSL is enabled for Zeppelin, Safari requires a Certificate Authority-signed certificate to access the Zeppelin UI.