Spark Job ACLs

Spark ACLs using a separate property for users and groups.

Both user and group lists use a comma-separated list of entries. The wildcard character “*” allows access to anyone, and the single space “ “ allows access to no one. Enable Spark ACLs using the property spark.acls.enable, which is set to false by default (not enabled) and must be changed to true to enforce ACLs at the Spark level.

Create and use the following Application ACLs for the Spark application:
  • Set spark.acls.enable to true (default is false).
  • Set spark.admin.acls and spark.admin.acls.groups for administrative access to all Spark applications.
  • Set spark.ui.view.acls and spark.ui.view.acls.groups for view access to the specific Spark application.
  • Set spark.modify.acls and spark.modify.acls.groups for administrative access to the specific Spark application.