Before you create an operational database cluster

You must create an environment, register the environment, and set your user's password before you can create an operational database cluster.

Before you create an Operational Database cluster as a Data Hub cluster in CDP, you must ensure that you have completed the following steps:

Set up user access and authorization

To provide access to resources such as environments and clusters, you must add users and groups and assign roles and resources to them. Each environment has an IPA instance which acts as a centralized user database. To access non-SSO interfaces, each user must set an IPA password.

For more information, see Managing user access and authorization.

Create an environment on AWS or Azure

You require the following to create an environment on AWS or Azure for use with CDP:

  • Cloud credential to configure access from CDP to your cloud provider account
  • SSH key-pair in CDP. You can generate an access key from the Cloudera Management Console using User Management
  • Knowledge of your region and network information

For more information, see Environment prerequisites on AWS.

Register your environment in CDP

You must register an environment before you can create a cluster on that environment. The environment will retain all of this information for any clusters created within it and will create a FreeIPA cluster for centralized user management.

You can register an environment from the Cloudera Management Console using Environments > Register Environment.

For more information, see Register an AWS environment or Register an Azure environment.