Granting permission to access S3, ABFS, GS File Browser in Hue

Only admin users can view and access S3, ABFS, and GS File Browser in Hue after enabling it. You must manually grant application permissions to non-admin users and groups for them to be able to view and access S3, ABFS, and GS File Browsers in Hue.

The following table lists the application permissions for each cloud storage type:
Cloud storage Hue application permission
S3 filebrowser.s3_access:Access to S3 from filebrowser and filepicker.
ABFS (ADLS Gen2) filebrowser.abfs_access:Access to ABFS from filebrowser and filepicker.
ADLS (Gen1) filebrowser.adls_access:Access to ADLS from filebrowser and filepicker.
GS Access to GS from filebrowser and filepicker.
You can only assign Hue application permissions to groups or users within a group. Add the users to a group to whom you want to grant access to the S3, ABFS, or GS File Browsers.
  1. Sign in to Hue as an Administrator.
  2. Go to admin > Manage Users > Groups.
  3. Click on the group to whom you want to grant the filebrowser application permissions.
  4. On the Edit [***GROUP-NAME***] page, select the required permission under the permission section and click Update group.