Verify the network line-of-sight

After you create your edge node and SSH into it, validate that you have a networking line-of-sight correctly configured. You can validate this using the ping command from your edge node to an IP address within your CDP VPC.

Create and edge node and SSH into it.

  1. Navigate to CDP Control Plane > Management Console.
  2. Click Environments and select your environment from the list.
  3. Click Summary.
  4. Find the FreeIPA section and copy the content of the Private IP field.
  5. Open a terminal.
  6. Run the ping [***PRIVATE IP***] command.
    The host will respond to your ping request.
  7. If you ping request fail: Run the telnet [***PRIVATE IP***] 88 command.
    A blank screen is displayed if the connection succeeds.
If the ping request failes, it does not necessarily mean that you have failed to configure the edge node, it might indicate that you must take additional steps to validate your line-of-sight. You may have configured your CDP VPC to have security groups which do not respond to ping or your KDC listen port might not be open for communication.