What's New in Sqoop

Learn what's new in the Apache Sqoop client in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18.

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Secure options to provide Hive password during a Sqoop import

When importing data into Hive using Sqoop and if LDAP authentication is enabled for Hive, the necessity to set the Hive password parameter directly in the command-line poses a potential vulnerability. Passwords provided in plaintext within command-line interfaces are susceptible to unauthorized access or interception, compromising sensitive credentials and, subsequently, the security of the entire data transfer process.

Learn about the secure options that you can use to provide the Hive password during Sqoop-Hive imports instead of the earlier way of providing the password as plaintext in the command-line interface. For more information, see Secure options to provide Hive password during a Sqoop import

Sqoop Teradata Connector support for ORC file format

A new version of Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata version is released which includes ORC support in the Sqoop-Connector-Teradata component. You can use Teradata Manager to import data from the Teradata server to Hive in ORC format. For more information, see Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata Release Notes

Discontinued maintenance of direct mode

The Sqoop direct mode feature is no longer maintained. This feature was primarily designed to import data from an abandoned database, which is no longer updated. Using direct mode has several drawbacks:
  • Imports can cause an intermittent and overlapping input split.
  • Imports can generate duplicate data.
  • Many problems, such as intermittent failures, can occur.
  • Additional configuration is required.

Do not use the --direct option in Sqoop import or export commands.