KRaft setup

Learn how you can set up Kafka KRaft in CDP Public Cloud

Kafka KRaft in CDP is implemented in the form of a Kafka service role. The role is called KRaft Controller. In CDP Public Cloud, KRaft Controller roles can be deployed with the Streams Messaging Light Duty, Heavy Duty, and High Availability cluster definitions available in the Data Hub service.

Each of the definitions include an optional KRaft Nodes host group. The KRaft Controller roles are deployed on the nodes of this host group. If you want to deploy a Streams Messaging cluster that uses KRaft for metadata management, you must provision your cluster with at least a single KRaft node (three is recommended). KRaft nodes are also scalable after the cluster is provisioned.

For more information regarding the Streams Messaging cluster definitions, scaling, cluster deployment with Data Hub, as well as KRaft, see the Related Information.