Caching manifest files

Apache Iceberg provides a mechanism to cache the contents of Iceberg manifest files in memory. The manifest caching feature helps to reduce repeated reads of small Iceberg manifest files from remote storage by Impala Coordinators and Catalogd.

Impala caches table metadata in CatalogD and the local Coordinator’s catalog, making table metadata analysis fast if the targeted table metadata and files were previously accessed. Impala might analyze the same table multiple times across concurrent query planning and also within single query planning, so caching is very important.

Having a frontend written in Java, Impala can directly analyze many aspects of the Iceberg table metadata through the Java Library provided by Apache Iceberg. Metadata analysis such as listing the table data file, selecting the table snapshot, partition filtering, and predicate filtering is delegated through Iceberg Java API.

To use the Iceberg Java API while still maintaining fast query planning, Iceberg implements caching strategies in the Iceberg Java Library similar to those used by Apache Impala. The Iceberg manifest caching feature constitutes these caching strategies. For more information about manifest caching, see the Iceberg Manifest Caching Blog.

You can configure manifest caching in Cloudera Manager.