Adding clusters to SRM’s configuration

After both the external and co-located are defined, you must add them to the Streams Replications Manager (SRM) service’s configuration. This is done by configuring various configuration properties in Cloudera Manager.

Defining the clusters that you want to replicate is not sufficient. You must add the clusters you defined to the SRM service’s configuration. This is required because SRM does not automatically pick up the clusters that you define.

Ensure that you have reviewed Defining and adding clusters for replication and understand that the following list of steps are only one part of the full configuration workflow.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, go to Clusters and select the Streams Replication Manager service.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Add the clusters defined with Kafka credentials to SRM’s configuration:
    1. Find and configure the External Kafka Accounts property.
    2. Click the add button and add new lines for each Kafka credential you created.
    3. Add the names of all Kafka credentials.
      Each Kafka credential must be added to a new line. For example:
  4. Find and configure the Streams Replication Manager Cluster alias property.
    Add all cluster aliases including:
    • Aliases present in the External Kafka Accounts property

    • If the co-located cluster was defined with a service dependency, include the alias present in the Streams Replication Manager Co-located Kafka Cluster Alias property.

    Delimit the aliases with commas. For example:
    useast, usnorth, uswest
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Restart the SRM service.
Both external and co-located Kafka clusters are added to SRM's configuration.
Add and configure replications. Alternatively, if replications are already configured, you can continue with configuring the srm-control tool.