Auditing purged entities

The results of a successful entity purge appear in the Audits tab of the Administration page in Atlas.

To see an audit of successful purges:

  1. Log in to Atlas.
  2. To access the Atlas Administration features, choose Administration from the user menu in the top right of the Atlas window.

    Users need administrator privileges to access the Administration panel features.
  3. Go to the Audits tab.
  4. Open the Filters to set one or more filters to reduce the volume of entries.

    For example:
    • Set Operation = PURGE to show only purge audits.
    • Set Start Time and End Time to reduce the range of audits.
  5. Open a purge audit entry to show a list of GUIDs that were purged.

    Use the arrow on the left end of the row to show the details of the audit entry.

  6. Click a GUID to show details about that purged entity.