Configuration Properties Reference for Properties not Available in Cloudera Manager

A collection of SRM configuration properties not available in Cloudera Manager

The following table lists all SRM specific configuration properties that are not available directly for configuration via Cloudera Manager.

Property Default Value Description
checkpoints.topic.replication.factor 3 Replication factor used for internal checkpoints topics.
emit.checkpoints.enabled true Enables periodic emission of consumer offset information.
emit.heartbeats.enabled true Enables periodic emission of heartbeats.
emit.heartbeats.interval.seconds 5 (seconds) The interval at which SRM emits heartbeats.
heartbeats.topic.replication.factor 3 Replication factor used for internal heartbeat topics.
offset-syncs.topic.replication.factor 3 Replication factor used for internal offset-syncs topics.
refresh.groups.enabled true Enables a periodical check for new consumer groups on source clusters.
refresh.topics.enabled true Enables a periodical check for new topics on source clusters.
replication.factor 2

Replication factor used for remote topics.

replication.policy.class org.apache.kafka.connect.mirror.DefaultReplicationPolicy Replication policy to use. Use this property to set a custom replication policy. If you want to enable prefixless replication, use the Enable Prefixless Replication property instead. Enable Prefixless Replication is found in Cloudera Manager > SRM > Configuration For more information, see Enabling prefixless replication.
sync.topic.configs.enabled true Enables the monitoring of the source cluster for configuration changes.
replication.records.lag.calc.enabled true Controls whether the replication-records-lag metric is calculated. This metric provides information regarding the replication lag based on offsets. The metric is available both on the cluster and the topic level. The calculation of this metric might add latency to replications and impact SRM performance. If you are experiencing performance issues, you can try setting this property to false to disable the calculation of replication-records-lag. Alternatively, you can try fine-tuning how SRM calculates replication-records-lag with the and properties. 0 Controls how frequently SRM calculates the replication-records-lag metric. The default value of 0 means that the metric is calculated continuously. Cloudera recommends configuring this property to 15000 ms (15 seconds) or higher if you are experiencing issues related to the calculation of replication-records-lag. A calculation frequency of 15 seconds or more results in the metric being available for consumption without any significant impact on SRM performance. 6000 Specifies the Kafka end offset timeout value used for calculating the replication-records-lag metric. Setting this property to a lower value than the default 6000 ms (1 minute) might reduce latency in calculating replication-records-lag, however, replication-records-lag calculation might fail. A value higher than the default can help avoid metric calculation failures, but might increase replication latency and lower SRM performance.