Creating a notifier

Learn how to use Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) to create a notifier in your environment.

Perform the following steps to create a notifier:

  1. From the left navigation pane, select Alerts.
    The Alerts Overview page appears.
  2. Click NOTIFIERS.
  3. Click ADD NEW to create a new notifier.
    The Notifier window appears.
  4. Configure the following properties:
    Configuration Property Description
    Common Notifier Configuration NAME Enter a unique name for the notifier.
    DESCRIPTION Enter an optional description for the notifier.
    PROVIDER Choose one of the following providers:
    • Email
    • HTTP
    NOTIFIER RATE LIMIT COUNT Select the number of allowed notifications.
    NOTIFIER RATE LIMIT DURATION Select the number of allowed notifications with respect to given duration in SECONDS, MINUTES, or HOURS.
    Email Notifier Configuration FROM ADDRESS Enter the email address to use for SMTP mail command. Default is admin@localhost.
    TO ADDRESS Enter one or multiple email addresses that you want to send the notification to.
    USERNAME Enter the username for SMTP.
    PASSWORD Enter the password for SMTP.
    SMTP HOSTNAME Enter the SMTP server that you want to connect to. Default is localhost.
    SMTP PORT Enter the SMTP server port that you want to connect to. Default is 25.
    ENABLE AUTH Select to enable authentication.
    ENABLE SSL/STARTTLS Select to enable SSL. This is applicable when you enable authentication. You can either select SSL or STARTTLS.
    PROTOCOL Enter the protocol to use to send emails. Default is SMTP.
    ENABLE DEBUG Select to enable debug mode to trace any issue in the email notifier. Disabled by default.
    HTTP Notifier Configuration URL Enter the target service URL.
    CONNECTION TIMEOUT (MSECS) Select the connection timeout in milliseconds for creating the initial connection. Default is 30 seconds.
    READ TIMEOUT (MSECS) Select the read timeout in milliseconds for waiting to read data. Default is 30 seconds.
  5. Click Save.