Driver inter-node coordination

Learn about how different Streams Replication Manager Driver instances communicate with each other.

As per the Connect framework, members of a Connect group get updates from the group leader through Kafka, using the Connect group protocol. In some cases, followers also need to be able to communicate with the group leader. For this purpose, the Connect framework introduced a REST API. This API allows followers to push notifications to the leader. This step is necessary when dynamic configuration changes occur in a Connector. In case of SRM, configuration changes happen when new topics and groups are added to the replication. This can happen in two ways:
  • New topics and groups appear in the source cluster that conform to the allow and deny lists of the replication.
  • Allow and deny lists are added using the srm-control tool.

To support this necessary channel of communication inside SRM, each Driver spins up a REST server per replication flow. With this implementation, each nested Connect worker is a fully functional, as per the original design of Connect. These replication specific REST servers are configurable, for more information, see Configuring replication specific Kafka Connect REST servers.