Installing Atlas in HA using CDP Private Cloud Base cluster

When you are using the CDP Private Cloud Base cluster, you must install Atlas in HA using the Cloudera Manager UI.

  1. Log into Cloudera Manager and verify that Atlas service is running.
  2. Stop the Atlas service.
  3. Go to Clusters > Select Atlas >Instances > Add Role Instances > Add Atlas Service role to the required host and proceed with the wizard to complete the process.
  4. Restart services for stale configurations.
  5. Using the Cloudera Manager UI, verify that both Atlas services are running (services are green).
    The active Atlas instance can be found using a HTTP status request to each Atlas instance:
    • http://<atlas_host_1>:3100/api/atlas/admin/status
    • http://<atlas_host_2>:3100/api/atlas/admin/status
    The response for ACTIVE instance will be:{"Status":"ACTIVE"} The response for PASSIVE instance will be:{"Status":"PASSIVE"}
    Atlas is currently running in the HA mode (active-passive mode)