Creating and configuring a Parameter Provider

Learn how to create and configure Parameter Providers through the NiFi Controller Settings.

  1. Select Controller Settings from the top-right Global menu in the NiFi UI.
    The NiFi Settings dialog opens.
  2. Go to the PARAMETER PROVIDERS tab.
  3. Click in the top-right corner of the NiFi Settings dialog to add a new Parameter Provider.
  4. Select one of the listed types, in this example, FileParameterProvider, and click Add.
    The Parameter Provider is created.

    The FileParameterProvider created in this example lets you supply parameters in key-value files inside a Parameter Group directory.

  5. Click to edit it.
  6. Enter the absolute path of the Parameter Groups on your file system in the Parameter Group Directories property.
  7. Set the Parameter Value Encoding property to "Plain text".
  8. Click APPLY to save the Parameter Provider configuration.
    The Fetch Parameters icon becomes available if the path set for the Parameter Group Directories property is readable.
The Parameter Provider, in this example, FileParameterProvider, is created and configured.
You can now move on to fetching parameters. For details, see Fetching parameters.