Fetching Parameters

Learn how to fetch Parameters from an external source into a Parameter Group.

You must have created and configured a Parameter Provider. See Creating and configuring a Parameter Provider.
  1. If you do not have any files containing key-value pairs as parameters inside the directory set in the Parameter Group Directories property of FileParameterProvider, which in this example is the tmp/parameters directory, create some files and add some content.
    $ print admin > /tmp/parameters/sys.admin.username && \
      print password > /tmp/parameters/sys.admin.password && \
      print value > /tmp/parameters/sys.other

    In this example, each file represents a Parameter in the parameters Parameter Group, and the contents of each file represents the parameter value.

  2. Select Controller Settings from the top-right Global menu in the NiFi UI.
    The NiFi Settings dialog opens.
  3. Go to the PARAMETER PROVIDERS tab.
  4. Click the Fetch Parameters (down arrow) icon of FileParameterProvider.
    The Fetch Parameters dialog opens.
A Parameter Group named parameters is listed. This is the name of the directory where the Parameter Groups are stored on your file system. This group can be used to create a Parameter Context. The fetched parameters sys.admin.username, sys.admin.password, and sys.other are displayed.
You can now move on to Creating a Parameter Context from a Parameter Group.