Prepare your environment

Before you start analyzing your data using Flink and Kafka in CDP Public Cloud, you need to register and prepare your environment so that a chosen user or group can use the clusters and services in the environment, and submit Flink jobs securely.

As a first step, an admin needs to register an AWS, Azure or GCP environment. In CDP Public Cloud, this environment is based on the virtual private network in your cloud provider account. This means that CDP can access and identify the resources in your cloud provider account which is used for CDP services, and shared between clusters in the environment. After registering your AWS, Azure or GCP environment, you can provision clusters, and set users or groups to access your environment and services.

For more information about registering an AWS, Azure or GCP environment, see the Management Console documentation.

In this use case, an administrator with AdminEnvironment resource role registers an AWS environment where flink_users group is added as EnvironmentUser. The members of flink_users have the same resource role that is set for the group.