Automatic access to new components and fixes without upgrading

Starting with CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16, NiFi in Flow Management DataHub clusters is configured out of the box with a feature allowing it to fetch new components and fixes published by Cloudera.

The objective of this feature is to distribute new components as well as fixes on existing components like processors, controller services, or reporting tasks, without the need to upgrade to a new version. To do this, the NiFi nodes check for new NAR files published on the Cloudera repository (

When the feature is enabled, NiFi checks every 24 hours if NARs corresponding to the currently used NiFi versions are made available by Cloudera in the repository. If NARs are available, the NiFi nodes download the NARs through the internet and deploy the files in the hot loading directory so that the new components are automatically made available in NiFi without requiring any restart.

When Cloudera publishes new components or fixes using this feature, the release notes will be updated in the documentation to detail the changes being made available.

To turn off this feature, clear the nifi.nar.hotfix.provider.enabled property in the Cloudera Manager instance managing your DataHub cluster.

You can also turn off the feature during provisioning by overriding the nifi.nar.hotfix.provider.enabled property. For details, see Cluster template overrides.