Collecting diagnostic data

You can collect diagnostic data from SQL Stream Builder (SSB) and Flink using Cloudera Manager, and send it to Cloudera Support for easier troubleshooting.

When using SSB and Flink, Cloudera Manager automatically collects the usage and diagnostic data from the services. The collected data is analyzed to further improve the software, and to help you in support cases when you encounter an error. You can configure the frequency of data collection, and you can also manually trigger sending the diagnostic data to Cloudera.

For more information about the diagnostic data collection and configuration, see the Cloudera Manager documentation.

The following telemetry data is collected when using SSB and Flink:

  • Number of users
  • Number of jobs
  • Number of registered data sources and connectors
  • Number of Materialized Views
  • Number of API keys
  • Number of tables
  • Number of catalogs
  • Total tasks slots in use
  • Log files from Streaming Engine and Materialized View Engine
  • Log files from YARN to collect Flink Job and Task Manager processes