Kerberos authentication using a keytab

You can configure Kerberos authentication using a keytab. To do so, you download the keytab from the environment where your Kafka cluster is running, copy the keytab to your broker host, create a configuration file with required properties, and connect to Kafka.

As mentioned previously, instead of using a ticket from the ticket cache you can also authenticate using a keytab.
You must have produced data to a Kafka topic and consumed data from the Kafka topic.
  1. Navigate to Management Console > User Management.
  2. Select the Machine User.
  3. Click Actions > Get Keytab.
  4. On the Get Keytab dialog box, select the environment where the Kafka cluster is running and click Download.
  5. Copy the keytab that was downloaded on your computer to the broker host you were connected to.
  6. The keytab file contains sensitive information. Ensure that its permissions are set restrictively:
    chmod 400 ./kafka-client.keytab
  7. Create the jaas-keytab.conf file with the following content:
    KafkaClient { required

    Where the value of the keyTab property is the path of the keytab copied to the host and the value of the principal property is the Kerberos principal name of the Machine User account. You can find the principal name by listing the content of the keytab, as shown in the following example:

    $ klist -kt ./kafka-client.keytab
    Keytab name: FILE:kafka-client.keytab
    KVNO Timestamp           Principal
    ---- ------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
       0 05/07/2020 03:32:01 srv_kafka-client@XYZ.SITE
       0 05/07/2020 03:32:01 srv_kafka-client@XYZ.SITE
  8. Run the following commands to connect to Kafka, authenticating with the Kerberos keytab.
    BROKER_HOST=$(hostname -f)
    export KAFKA_OPTS=""
    kafka-console-consumer \
      --bootstrap-server $BROKER_HOST:9093 \
      --consumer.config \
      --topic machine-data \
      --group machine-data-$RANDOM \
    The KAFKA_OPTS environment variable is used to communicate the location of the the jaas-keytab.conf configuration file to kafka-console-consumer command.

You see the content of the machine-data topic as follows:

Hello, Kafka!