Configuring your target processor

In a data flow pushing data to a Snowflake database table, configure the PutDatabaseRecord processor to move data into the Snowflake database table. To do this, launch the processor configuration window and provide the configurations appropriate for your use case.

Configure PutDatabaseRecord Processor. See Related Information for complete details on this Apache NiFi processor.

  1. Right-click PutDatabaseRecord and click Configure Processor.
  2. In the Record Reader field, specify the CSV Reader controller service you created in the earlier step.
  3. In the Statement Type field, select INSERT to insert data into the remote database table.
  4. In the Database Connection Pooling Service field, select the DBCP Connection Pool controller service you created previously.
  5. In the Table Name field, specify the name of your remote Snowflake database table. In this example, it is NIFITEST
  6. (Optional) Depending on your requirements, you may want to auto-terminate the success relationship of the processor, and have a self-connecting loop for the failure relationship.

After you have configured your target processor, proceed to confirming your data flow success.